Utility Billing Policy

Renter Deposit: A deposit in the amount of $200.00 is required from all rental property and purchase-on-contract utility accounts unless the landlord requests, in writing, that the account remain in their name. The deposit may be transferred when moving to a new location within the city provided that the previous account is paid in full. The deposit will remain on file until the account is closed. The deposit on file will be applied to the final account balance and any remainder will be refunded to the account holder.

Billing Process: Bills are sent on or before the first business day of the month. All payments must be received in City Hall by the close of business on the date due shown on the bill to avoid a penalty. A reminder notice will be sent by regular mail to all past due accounts providing a minimum of five days to pay the amount due, including penalty amount, before shut off day. This notice will include notification of the shut off date and notice of right to a hearing. If payment has not been received in City Hall before the time the office opens at 8:00 a.m. on the shut off day listed on the notice, an attempt will be made to shut off the water. A reconnect fee will be added to the account, even if the water was not actually shut off, for any account not paid by the shut off date. If the shut off valve does not function the water meter may be pulled or the shut off valve may be located and replaced at the property owner’s expense.

Once the water service is shut off it will not be turned on until all past due amounts including penalties and reconnect fee are paid in full. Deposits for accounts that have been shut off and have not responded will be used toward the balance and any remaining balance, including penalties and fees, must be paid as well as another $200.00 deposit to restore water service.

Final Bills: Final bills for water and sewer charges will be prorated using the city software, all other fees will be for full monthly charge. Account holder must notify City Clerk of date to have final meter reading done and provide forwarding address if applicable.

Automatic Payments (E-Check/Credit/Debit): Customers may sign up to pay their utility bill automatically from their bank account, credit card, or debit card through the city’s FrontDesk portal at https://clarenceia.frontdeskgworks.com/ or by clicking through the link on the city’s website. If a customer would like to enroll in automatic payments but cannot sign themselves up online, they may contact City Hall and we will provide a paper form to enroll. Please note that E-Check payments may take several business days to be debited from your bank account.

Bill Payment: Customers may pay their bills in multiple ways. The most popular method is automatic payment. Checks and money orders may be deposited in the drop box at City Hall, in-person with the City Clerk, or by mailing to City of Clarence, PO Box 418, Clarence, IA 52216. Cash payments are accepted in-person with the City Clerk during regular business hours. E-Check, credit, and debit card payments are accepted through the city’s FrontDesk portal. Please note that an additional service fee is charged by the processor to process credit/debit card transactions, and E-Check payments may take several business days to be debited from your bank account. Receipts are not issued unless payment is made in-person with the City Clerk or through the FrontDesk portal.

Returned Payments: A fee of $30.00 will be charged for servicing all returned payments received. The City will only accept guaranteed payment (cash, approved card payment, cashier’s check, or money order) from any individual or business who has had a payment returned to the City more than once in any 12-month period. The restriction of guaranteed payment shall last for one year from the most recent returned payment date.

Payment Arrangements: No payment arrangements will be allowed.

Miscellaneous: Checks or money orders should be made out to the City of Clarence for the exact amount due, unless paying extra on the bill. The City does not give change back on checks or money orders. Water shut off valves are to be maintained by the customer or property owner.