Lead Service Line Inventory Survey

Lead Service Line Inventory Survey

We need your help!

On December 16, 2021, the EPA announced its next steps to strengthen the regulatory framework on lead in drinking water. With their new proposed guidelines, a database of materials used in our water customer’s service lines and plumbing is required. You can visit https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/revised-lead-and-copper-rule to learn more about the EPA requirements.

Any citywide inventory can be a costly undertaking. Customer participation can reduce the expense of the inventory required by the EPA and reduce inconveniences associated with potential home or office visits.

To better manage resources and costs, the City of Clarence is asking for help from residents and business owners to identify private service line material. Please fill out our short survey to help us complete our inventory in an efficient manner. Residents are encouraged to complete the survey, regardless of the age of their home or business.

Service (Property) Address(Required)
Property Owner(s) Name(Required)
Type of Service(Required)

Service Line Material(Required)
Your service line material is either lead, galvanized steel, copper or plastic/PEX. You can perform some tests on the private side of your service line to determine the material. One test is the scratch test. By scratching the private side of your service line with a quarter, where it comes into your home/business, you will be able to determine the material. You can also perform the magnet test by attempting to stick a magnet to the line. Read on to find out how to conduct these tests.

Please upload a photo of your water meter and service line. Try to frame the photo with the majority of the focus on the pipe where it comes into your home from the outside and protrudes from the floor or wall and goes into the meter. If this cannot be done, please take a picture of the piping to the meter AND from where it comes into your home at the floor or wall.
Max. file size: 192 MB.
If you have any records of work on your service line, especially if the service line has ever been replaced, please indicate the work performed and the approximate date.
Water Service Line Point of Entry(Required)

From what direction does the water service line come into your property? (Example: Service line comes into basement on the NW corner of house)