Garbage & Recycling Service

Garbage Truck


Residential garbage and commercial dumpster and garbage service begins at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesdays. If Wednesday falls on a holiday, service will be moved to another day and an announcement will be made (typically via social media).

The maximum weight of a garbage can is 40lbs. Garbage cans larger than 36 gallons or 40lbs are unacceptable and will not be collected. Garbage should be placed curbside for pickup–bags and cans will not be picked up in alleys. Garbage customers must provide their own garbage cans or dumpsters for pickup. All garbage must be bagged.

The following cannot be collected for landfill disposal in garbage:

  • Yard waste & brush (per city ordinance, yard waste and brush should be burned or mulched/composted)
  • Tires
  • Recyclable cardboard
  • Appliances

The following cannot be collected for disposal in garbage, but can be taken to the Cedar County Transfer Station (563-886-6437) by individuals for no charge to Cedar County residents:

  • Paints & thinners
  • Florescent light bulbs and ballasts
  • Oil & latex paints
  • Car batteries
  • Oils (motor and otherwise) and oil filters
  • Chemical containers
  • Appliances, tires, electronics, bulk items, metal, etc. are accepted at the Transfer Station for a fee. Please contact the Transfer Station with any questions regarding what they accept and their current fees.


Recycling service begins at 7:00 a.m. every other Tuesday. Please visit the city’s calendar to see service dates.

Recyclables must all be placed together loosely (not bagged) into one hard-sided container. Recycling customers must provide their own containers or dumpsters for pickup. Plastic or paper bags may not be used as recycling containers, and any bagged recyclables will be picked up as garbage on a garbage pickup day. Plastic containers, baskets, 5-gallon pails, or any clean hard-sided container may be used. The container should be placed curbside for pickup–recycling will not be picked up in alleys.

Plastic: Clean rinsed plastics labeled #1 – #7 will be accepted. Not accepted: automotive fluid bottles, pesticide bottles, heavy chemical bottles, etc.

Tin & Aluminum Cans: Clean rinsed tin and aluminum cans and pans are accepted. You may leave labels on.

Newspapers, Magazines, Junk Mail, Office Paper, Phone Books: Must be loose in container, not tied or bagged.

Corrugated Cardboard, Chipboard (Cereal boxes etc.): Please break down/flatten. Do not tie or bag.

Glass: Clean rinsed glass bottles and jars are accepted. You may leave labels on.

Styrofoam containers, plastic bags, and plastic wraps should be placed in regular garbage. Batteries are not recyclable through this system and should be disposed of in the proper way determined by battery type.