Park Tree Memorials

In 2022, the Park Board put together a plan to address resident’s requests to plant trees in memory of loved ones at the Clarence City Park, as well as to help replant areas that were destroyed by the derecho of 2020. The Board worked with a local tree specialist to pick several varieties of trees to provide diversity as well as shapes and sizes appropriate to their individual locations throughout the park.

Below is a running map of memorials that can be found at the park. Memorial trees will not feature a plaque or other physical identifier on or near the trees, but will instead have their mapped location, named memorial, and tree type on the official map below. Memorial trees can be purchased/donated and reserved by contacting City Hall. Trees will be planted twice a year, at a time determined by the Park Board and tree specialists for optimal planting. Tree memorial donations will include the tree, planting, initial care and follow-up, and permanent listing on the memorial tree map.