Lions Club Presents Donation to City Park

Today the Lions Club presented Park Board Chairman Matt Byrd and the City of Clarence a donation check to put towards the purchase of two new commercial picnic tables and electrical repairs for the Lions Shelter at the City Park. Byrd and Leeper Electric will be donating labor to repair the electrical fixtures, and the City will be purchasing two additional commercial picnic tables for the shelter as well. A huge thank you to the Lions for their financial contribution to the park, to Byrd and Leeper Electric for their donated labor, and to the Park Board for all the incredible work they’re doing and continue to do to make the park better and better each year!

Pictured L-R: Steve Bixler – Mayor of Clarence, Robert Niermeyer – Stanwood Lions, Matt Byrd – Clarence Park Board Chairperson, Karen Tenley and John Tenley – Stanwood Lions.